4 Indoor Games that Help Your Kids Become Smarter

Childhood is a vital time to nurture the brain power of your kids that helps shape their personality in the future. Therefore, you need to engage them with something productive and useful. Children often find it hard to hold their attention on one thing. But, don’t worry, indoor games are a great way to teach your kids important skills. This makes their learning engaging and exciting!

We have shortlisted some indoor games that you can start playing today with your little ones to make them smarter.

1. Crossword puzzles

4 Indoor Games that Help Your Kids Become Smarter

Kids love puzzles. Therefore, it is a great chance for you to teach your kids new words and different alignments in a fun way through crossword puzzles!

As a kid grows, he/she learns new vocabulary. However, they often forget them due to a lack of practice. Now, if you sit with your kids and let them solve this puzzle, they will learn new words and, at the same time, will understand the concept of vertical, horizontal, left and right alignment.

If they continue solving these puzzles regularly, they will have an impressive vocabulary within a few days. Likewise, memorizing and placing the right words will improve their visualization and, eventually, their aptitude.

2. Memory game

4 Indoor Games that Help Your Kids Become Smarter

We all have played memory games during our childhood, right? It is an exciting game where you need to remember the names of all objects, places, etc., in the exact same order other participants have told you before. After remembering them, you also have to add a new word to that list.

As the name suggests, this game effectively boosts children’s memory. After listing 15 to 20 words, you can ask your kids to repeat them in the exact sequence and see how many they get right.

The best part is that you do not need any equipment to play this indoor game.

3. Building blocks

4 Indoor Games that Help Your Kids Become Smarter

If you want your kids to become constructive from an early age, encourage them to play an indoor games like Building Blocks.

The kids will arrange the blocks in the right order and place them accordingly to make a new object. Besides keeping your kids busy, Building Blocks help improve their concentration and allows them to create a new figure without them getting bored.

4. Chess

4 Indoor Games that Help Your Kids Become Smarter

Without any doubt, chess is a perfect indoor game that stimulates the brain of your kids and helps them become smarter!

Chess requires concentration and high thinking ability. Therefore, if your kids play this game regularly, their cognitive ability will improve, and they will learn to be patient.

Additionally, chess involves various rules. Thus, while playing this game, they will learn to adhere to the rules. Once they learn how to play this game, they can also participate in Chess Championship at the national and international levels. It will definitely make them smarter and bring them recognition.

Gera offers celebrity-led mentorship programs in several disciplines, and your child has the opportunity to learn chess from the best in the world. Our association with the Viswanathan Anand Chess Academy at Gera’s Song of Joy can be the perfect launchpad for them to start learning this brain-smacking indoor game!

Can you recommend some more indoor games for smart kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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