4 Healthy Snacking Ideas for Whenever You Are Too Tired of Dieting!

The International No Diet Day is celebrated on 6th May every year. But do you know why we celebrate this day?

It is mainly celebrated by men and women of all ages to appreciate their bodies. In other words, you can say the it is centred around body awareness and diet.

This is why we have brought you healthy recipes to celebrate your body by eating what you love and what is good for you. But if you still want to stick to a healthy diet, you can relish these delicious snacks for the day!

1. Whole wheat Belgian chocolate chip waffle

Rich in fibre, sweet, and crunchy this snack checks the box for being healthy more than once. Relish the texture of the classic Belgian waffle that is packed with the goodness of whole wheat for a treat that is rich in fibre and taste. This way, you won’t compromise on your health goals and will not deprive your taste buds of the treat they crave.

You can check out the tasty recipe here.

2. Baked Mathri

Did you know you can find your favourite traditional snack in a healthier version? The market is filled with baked mathris, and they are tasty and super-rich in protein. The perfect blend of health and nutrition. So enjoy the crispy, spicy, and delicious mathris with your evening tea and keep worries about weight loss at the back of your mind for the day.

3. Flavoured Makhana

Believe it or not, flavoured varieties such as pudina makhana are not just tasty but also a great source of fibre and protein. In fact, makhanas are a healthier and crunchier substitute for popcorns. This is simple to roast at home too.

You can check out the easy recipe here.

4. Baked Pizza Sticks

Essentially this snack is baked wheat sticks that are crunchy, healthy and yummy. Sprinkled with the right amount of chilly garlic flavour and pizza essence, this snack will instantly curb

your pizza cravings. Look for the 100% baked variety to ensure maximum protein and minimum guilt content.

Bonus: Ginger Snap Cookies

This particular snack is a very chewy and spicy concoction that will leave your senses tickled with flavour. We are sure you will enjoy having it with your cup of tea or coffee. Whipped with the goodness of natural ingredients, this cookie will definitely top your healthy snacking list in the days to come.

Besides these, you can munch on some wheat and jaggery cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also look for some keto chocolate fudge cookies which are sure to hit the spot while meeting your low carb requirement!

However, when trying to lose weight, do not go overboard with your diet. Remember that moderation is the key, and you should always focus on your health over everything else.

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