4 DIY wall art tips – it’s time to fill some colours on your empty walls

A simple piece of wall art can add a splash of fun and excitement to any room. The aura of the room becomes more personal when you hang up something that you created from the scratch. May it be a piece of art that you crafted when you were young or something your children knit together for your last birthday. A touch of you on your walls can make it look and feel bold and beautiful.

Listed below are some handpicked DIY wall art ideas, that can help make every room in your house more colourful and welcoming.

1. Stencil monogram

You would need following things to create a custom stencil monogram – A bottle of acrylic paint, a stencil brush, a custom stencil, monogram frame, multi-surface tape, styrofoam plate and a few paper towels. Stick the stencil to the monogram frame, use the dry brush technique and then use the stippling technique to apply the paint. Wait till the paint dries, remove the tape and peel of the stencil from the frame. You will then get a customized monogram frame.

2. Shoebox wall shelves

Instead of throwing the shoebox away into the trash, you can add them to your walls. You can wrap your shoe boxes with colour paper or paint them the colour you like and shelf them with flower vases, antiques and more to add an air of fun and excitement to your walls. You can use two-sided tape or nail them to your walls by gluing a small wooden piece behind.

3. Hammer, nail and string art

You can use the hammer and nails in your toolbox to create a masterpiece for your walls. You can also add a glass frame and a splash of colour to it to make it look retro or rustic. Buy 100-150 nails and nail them to a rectangle piece of wood. You can then use threads and tie them from one nail to another to create a unique design.

4. Create a memory wall

Gather all the pictures you have of your family and your childhood, frame them up and hang from side to side. to create a memory wall that helps you and your family walk down memory lane from time to time.

5. Add a resin clock to your walls

To craft yourself a resin clock, you would first need to mix epoxy, resin and hardener in a 1:1 ration. Remove gold foil paper, crumble it into a cup and mix a small amount of resin and fill it into the groove. Fill the outer edges of the mold with a dark shade of epoxy mixed with a hint of glitter. Add specific colours to the zodiac signs in a given order and follow a few other steps to make yourself a resin clock.

Bring out the kid in you and craft something that can go up on your wall. You can start your journey towards building your walls into interesting pieces of art with the above-mentioned options. The list doesn’t end here by any means, you can add to the same if you have any more ideas. Remember you can go bonkers with the colour codes you choose and make your house as bright and elegant as you want.

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