4 DIY Independence Day ideas to celebrate with family

This year, India celebrates its 75th Independence Day, and celebrating this special occasion should be a family event. We want you to get together with your family and make the most of this landmark year. So, we’ve brought you some DIY Independence Day ideas that will allow you to express your patriotism with lots of creativity and fun.   

Want to find out what we’ve included in our list? Let’s find out:  

1. Tricolour Flower Badge

If you are looking to make something that the whole family can wear to celebrate our Independence, then the Tricolour flower badge is one of the best DIY Independence Day ideas you can find.   

What you need to make these badges:

• White chart paper circle (8 cm in diameter)
• Paper squares 6X6 cms (Orange, Green, and White)
• White, Green, and Orange chart paper
Safety Pin  

Now follow the video link below and get set to make your entire family tricolour flower badges this Independence Day!

2. Indian Map in Tricolour

Your next wall décor could very well be one of the best DIY Independence Day ideas. Try this Indian Map in tricolour with your kids and celebrate your 75th Independence Day.

What you need:

• Tracing Paper
• Pencil
Chart paper
Small thermocol balls
Acrylic Color (Orange and Green)

Follow the comprehensive video linked below to get started and make your wall décor with tricolour glory!

3. Tricolour Heart 

Our hearts bleed for our country, and what better color to paint it in than the ones that fill us with pride. So go ahead and try this out, post it on social media and it’s sure to impress all your friends.  

What you need:

• Cardboard
• Scale
Acrylic Colour (White, Orange, and Green)
2 bowls of raw uncooked rice

Once you’ve got all of the items in place and are ready with your little ones, follow the easy step-by-step video linked below to make your heart bleed India!

4. Easy Tricolour Flowers

For those who like to decorate their living spaces for Independence Day, these easy tricolour flowers are going to be the perfect spectacle. If you’ve got less time to spend on your DIY Independence Day ideas, then this one is the obvious pick.   

What you need:

• Chart paper circles (Diameter: 5 cm, Orange, White, and Green)
• Glue
Blue shiny bead

Got all the things together? Follow this easy video and make all the flowers you need to sprinkle your love for India all over your apartment!

Don’t forget to share pictures of your DIY Independence Day Ideas with the community! Let’s celebrate our country together.

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