4 best places for home décor on a budget in Pune

4 best places for home décor on budget in Pune

We all get excited when it comes to designing our home interiors. Everyone has their own unique style that can be inspired from different situations of life. You might want to find a lamp that caught your eyes at your grandparent’s house, you might want the table stand that you saw at some hotel and you also might want the kitchen of your dreams that will make your house feel more like a home. Here is a list of the four most valuable sites in Pune to find the ideal home decor items for your home.

If you are looking for home design furniture in Pune, you can find almost anything and everything. From various types of home ornaments and furniture to beautiful art pieces, you will get the perfect décor items that will enhance your living environment. There is something for all budget types and you can find exactly what you are looking for almost every time you shop in one of these best home décor shops.

1. Ra

Ra is one of Pune’s top furniture stores and lifestyle home decor showrooms. Ra Lifestyle features a beautiful assortment of handcrafted furniture, hardware, and decor accessories. With each piece a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted masterpiece, you can showcase styles ranging from vintage to contemporary to uniquely modern.

Ra is the finest location to buy top-brand furniture and home decor items such as leather couches, leather sofas, outdoor furniture, chandeliers, and so on. Purchase whatever you require from the attractive assortment of tables to teacups, mattresses to bookshelves. Shop for one-of-a-kind and highly effective designs and artwork to transform your home into a beautiful and bright extension of who you are.

2. Home Sukh

Home Sukh offers a selection of chosen brands to help you update the style of your home. It is one of the greatest home decor shops in Pune. Home Sukh is located in Pune’s Ishanya Mall, off Airport Road. It is a massive furniture and home decor store with a diverse variety of paintings, glass objects, tableware, and ceramics.

Home Sukh includes a distinct department for wall pieces, lamps, and other décor products named ‘Shilpam.’ It offers a separate department for home furnishings such as pillows, bedcovers, comforters, and much more. Light up your home with gorgeous chandeliers and lights to give it fresh life and joy.

3. The Shivaji market

The Shivaji bazaar’s history is noteworthy since it is the most unique and ancient market. Other products and hidden gems for your home can be found at Shivaji Market. Many stores ideal for your home needs can be found in the narrow aisles of this market. In the city, you will find the most spectacular glassware and decorative glass objects.

In this market, everything is reasonably priced. Interesting goods include delicate glass bells, wine glasses, perfume bottles, glass trees with shimmering foliage, and several beautiful showpieces made of coloured blow-glass. It’s the place to go for all of the excellent objects you’d like to include in your home design.

4. Tapkir Galli

Tapkir Galli in Budhwar Peth is centrally located in Pune. It is a wholesale home decor market in Pune with a tiny path lined with merchants on both sides of the street. Tapkir Galli is also known as Pune’s electric market.

You’ll find a fantastic selection of fairy lights to decorate your home with beautiful lanterns, chandeliers, and other items. Because this is a wholesale market, all of the stores sell everything at wholesale prices. As a result, you’ll end up buying whatever you want at a great price.

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