3 top careers to watch out for in India in the coming years

The improvement in technology opened several doors to make a career out of them. People often pursue a degree and look for high-paying jobs relevant to their fields. However, there is a possibility that when they get their hands on the degree, the demand for the same has subsided already.  

Thus, the following list will guide you to choose a career in India or abroad in the fields which are likely to be in demand for the next few years:

1. Data Scientists

Almost all businesses or companies across the world are going digital gradually. It requires them to handle a huge amount of data carefully. Therefore, the profession of data scientists is currently in high demand, and the trend is here to stay for years now. As per recent stats, the demand for data scientists is going to go up in coming times. .

Primarily, organisations hire data scientists proficient in Data Visualization, Programming and Machine Learning Skills to help them make better business decisions based on data analysis.

2. Cyber Security Specialists

Another promising career in India you can consider in the coming days is cyber security specialist. Just churning out a huge amount of data is not sufficient; companies also need to keep them safe. Maintenance and protection of data and other digital assets are equally important nowadays.  

Here comes the demand for cyber security specialists with proven expertise in problem-solving, computer forensic skills and analytics to decode all online activities on the company’s website.  

The primary objective of cyber security specialists is to ensure that individuals, businesses and Governments are equipped well to prevent most cyber threats.  

3. Product Manager

If you want to make a prosperous career in India, you can apply for post of product manager. This position holds several challenges and offers a great opportunity for growth.  

Product managers are often considered mini-CEO and need to take up responsibilities as tech experts, communicators, management professionals as and when required.  

Depending on the sector and company, they need to perform a set of jobs. However, only those with great leadership and management skills will prosper in this position.  

Besides, the health and pharmatucal sector, e-commerce sectors and likes are also booming, opening up new and promising career options in India.   

Do you know more of such professions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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