3 Essentials To Create A ‘Me Corner’ For You At Home

Everybody deserves ‘me time’ to unwind after a hard week or recharge themselves to meet new challenges and obstacles. However, the quality of me-time depends a lot on how comfortable your ‘me-corner’ is and if you have a personal corner to unwind after a long tiring day.

Here’s to helping you build the perfect me corner! Just grab these 3 essentials to create personal space for quality self-care sessions and me time.

Three things you need to jazz up your me corner

Before we delve into finding the top three essentials for creating your me corner at your home, you should note this. The lighting of your me corner is of utmost importance as it helps set the mood for relaxation. Whether you wish to lie down and listen to some music or just catch up on some reading, having the right kind of lighting works the best for you. If you install a wall sconce or add a floor lamp in your very own me corner, it could become the haven for you .

1. Side Table

Side Table

Throw in a cute side table in your favourite corner to spruce up the place and make it more functional. Pick a round table if you have limited space as they take up less room when compared to a rectangular or square-shaped table.

2. Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf

If space allows, add a small wall shelf to make a little room for your books and favourite showpieces without cluttering the space. Make sure to pick the ones that go with your room décor to add more personality to your space.

3. Plant


Adding a plant to a tiny corner does not just increase the aesthetic value of the space but also comes with its share of benefits. For instance, it purifies the air, breaks the monotonous vibe of a room, and helps revive your mood instantly. Based on space availability, you can throw in some succulents in the space or opt for potted ones that can be hung from the ceiling. If your favourite me corner is your balcony, you can consider placing a shelf in the area and decorating it with different varieties of succulents and indoor plants.

Bonus: Rug

Make your favourite spot pop by throwing in a rug. Look for a small one in faux fur for a cute and cozy vibe. If rugs are not your thing, you can look for a traditional carpet and add a bit of colour to the space.

Bonus: Chairs/Bean bag

Add a chair or a comfy bean bag depending on the availability of space, your current décor, or your preference. If you decide to go with a chair, make sure it complements your table, but if you pick a rug, ensure that it is comfy and offers you optimum relaxation when you crash on it to sip on a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Got any more ideas to add to this list? Share them with us here.

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