3 DIY Gift ideas for a pleasant Father’s Day Surprise!

Father’s Day is around the corner and if you are still confused about what to gift to get for your dad, why don’t you try a couple of DIY gift ideas 

They have a personal touch and an emotional appeal to them (because you make it yourself) and require few things that are available around the house. Imagine his happiness when you finally give him his gift that you have made from the scratch and bring that satisfied smile on his face.   

So, here’s our list of 3 DIY gift ideas that you can use to plan a wonderful Father’s Day this month!

1. Father’s Day Coasters

Ever since digital photography has taken precedence, physical albums have more or less vanished. This is why the Father’s Day coaster is a great idea to bring back the nostalgia of the days gone by.   

What you will need:  

• Four 4×4 photos
• Mod podge
Four 4×4 white cardboard cutouts
Sponge brush

Take a printout of your photos and cut them (4×4) round the corners for a bit of detail.   

Use the sponge brush to apply the mod podge on top of the cardboard cutouts generously. Stick the photo onto the layer of mod podge and apply again, this time evenly all over the image.   

After it has dried, cover it with the clear laminate. For the next step, you can use little strips of velvet, felt, or rubber on the back of the coaster towards the edges. This will prevent scratches and skidding.   

Your Father’s Day coasters are ready!

2. DIY Father’s Day Scrapbook

Photos are reflective of those happy memories with your parents and a Father’s Day scrapbook is one of the best DIY gift ideas 

What you will need:   

• A scrapbook
• Pictures
Decorative items of your choice
Sketch pens   

Use the picture cut-outs and place them on every page in chronological order. Use the sketch pens and decorative items like glitters, ribbons, and other designs to make it look special and heartfelt.   

Share your favorite memories from the photos or the year it was taken on the scrapbook and give it a good name! We guarantee teary-eyed nostalgia and him recalling all his best memories with you.

3. Father’s Day DIY Mug

For those who think customized mugs are too cliched and do not shy away from that extra effort, try the Father’s Day mug for your DIY gift ideas 

What you will need:  

• A blank/ white coffee mug
• Paper stencils according to your design
Ceramic paint
Ceramic Gloss   

Stick the shape and stencil cut-outs on the mug using a thin layer of glue. You could cut out paper stencils of “Happy Father’s Day” or “World’s Best Dad” if you like.   

Now use the ceramic colors of your choice and apply them over the stencil, covering the entire surface of the mug. Once it settles a bit, remove the stencils and reveal your lovely Father’s Day message on the mug.   

Let it dry completely and give it a perfect finish by applying ceramic gloss over the design.   

Try our suggested DIY gift ideas among your Father’s Day surprise and let us know how he liked it. Share your pictures in the comments section below. 

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