10 Jobs that will become mainstream in the future!

The time when youngsters had to pick between doctors, lawyers, engineers, or servicemen for professions is long gone. Now we have all kinds of new skills and jobs that were unheard of a decade ago – and it is going to be the same way in the future.  

So, what should you be training your child for?  

The world that lies before us is going to be a lot different than anything you have ever seen before. And while it will be full of surprises, we have tried to predict 10 jobs that are going to be quite important in the future.  

Want to find out? Let’s take a look.

1. Machine Learning and AI professionals 

The global market size for artificial intelligence was valued at around 40 billion US dollars in 2019. A market analysis report by Gradeview Research claimed that the compound annual growth rate of the industry from 2020 – 2027 will be over 42%.  

As more of our utilities go online and we slowly move towards a world of automation, AI and machine-learning professionals will climb on to the top the professional ladder in the next few years.  

From cars to healthcare, construction, and security, the implementation of new AI tech and the heavy spending by giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft make it one hell of an arena to watch out for.  

2. Online content creators/ Data Scientist 

Remember all the times that you thought during your childhood about performing or making art?  

While it was harder back then to learn or find an audience, making your hobby a profession has never been this easy. From social media influencing to selling your work on online marketplaces, no matter what it is, if you are good at it you can find a significant payday with viral content.  

On the other hand, you can pick being a data scientist and learn how to use algorithms and other processes to extract data. In tomorrow’s world, power will lie with information. 

3. Video Game Streamers 

The days of scolding our children because of excessive video gaming could soon be behind us. Video game streaming is now a legitimate profession as streamers show off their skills and gameplay to fans while teaching them how to fight virtual baddies.  

Videogames like Clash of Clans and Fortnite have become the reason so many players are earning thousands of dollars every month just by playing virtually 

4. Renewable energy professionals

Sustainable energy is the future and understanding the technology early on could help your child have a coveted and well-paid profession. As the automobile and transportation industry slowly move towards electrification, more and more sectors will adopt renewable energy.  

With adoption becoming more widespread, this segment will see a massive increase in marketsize and employment 

5. Fitness Trainer and Specialist 

A constant shift towards physical fitness has increased the number of gyms and trainers significantly over the past few years. Today, even during the pandemic, fitness trainers have been able to guide their customers over video calls and earn a stable income.  

There are allied professions as well like physiotherapists, athlete trainers, chiropractors, and so many other rehabilitation professions that go along with this. 

6. Ethical Hacking

With internet being the go-to method for communication, we are all connected through the web. And security on the internet is everything, considering the fact that almost 70% of the world’s money are just numbers on a screen.  

Which is why ethical hacking is a profession to consider, if you have tech savvy children. Ethical hacking courses are readily available online and you can help your children start early.

7. Coding and development

Learning how to code early is all the rage right now as more and more startups are trying to teach children. Computer coding is definitely one of the jobs that will grow even more in the coming years and picking up on this skill could give them the edge they need to shape their dreams.  

There are app-based and web-based coding languages that can help in their future creative endeavours as well.  

8. Mental Health Professional/ Life Coach  

The world is becoming more aware about the importance of mental health and how it could make or break individuals in their personal and professional lives. With growing awareness, the need for mental health professionals and life coaches will become integral to a healthy society.  

This line of work is especially good for children with a stable and empathetic temperament and allows a great balance between personal and professional lives. 

9. Urban Planners

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and new smart cities are going to pop up across the country over the next few years of growth and urbanization. The economic situation of our country is prime for professionals who are interested in architecture and design.  

City planning could leave behind a legacy for your children in a way you have never imagined.  

10. Drone Operator

Drone and robot technology are now integral to space missions, across borders, in hospitals, facilities, and so many other places. Human error is being minimized with the methodical precision of machines and operating these high-tech setups is going to need specialized knowledge.  

Drone operators are going to have the exciting opportunity to take part in everything from modern film making to military espionage. Sounds fun, right? 

Not only does it have new exciting opportunities to explore everyday but also promises a good payday.  

11. Space Explorers

As the world becomes smaller with advancing technology, man will move on to new frontiers and conquer them. Space looks like the next on the list with the increasing probability of commercial space exploration.  

With the right guidance, your children too could have a chance at exploring the vast abyss beyond our planet. Going to work cannot get better than that!  

So why keep the same professional goals when the world around us is changing? 

These are the 10 professions that are going to grow in terms of market and packages over the next few years. In the dynamic world we live in today, we could very well come across other professions that garner equal importance but were previously unheard of.  

The lesson is to keep upgrading your skills with time.  

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